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Gefahrengebiet! – 40 Aufkleber

Gefahrengebiet! – 40 Aufkleber

Alarmsignal – Sklaven der Langeweile LP

Alarmsignal – Sklaven der Langeweile LP

Carnist - Hellish 10"

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CARNIST 'HELLISH' 10 inch. CARNIST hail from London and Austria and featured ex and current members of a ton of bands (Light bearer, Plague Mass, Shels, Anopheli) CARNIST began their tirade against the meat and dairy industry with 2012's "Unlearn." HELLISH feels like a very different, more concise release, a much heavier D beat crust punk has replaced the more melodic hardcore of their previous effort, yet still retains moments of melancholy melody reminiscent of HIS HERO IS GONE. HELLISH features spoken word specifically recorded for this EP by Social Psychologist Melanie Joy, who coined the concept of Carnism, from which the band takes its name.

(Alerta Antifascista, 2016, black vinyl)

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