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Abdullah Öcalan: Liberando la vida – la revolucion de las mujeres

Abdullah Öcalan: Liberando la vida: la revolución de las mujeres

Zaher Baher: The Experiment of West Kurdistan

Zaher Baher: The Experiment of West Kurdistan

Abdullah Öcalan: Democratic Confederalism

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01-103- 9783941012479
international Initiative Edition
Pamphlet, 48 S., Internationale Initiative (2017)

In this brochure Öcalan's political project, the Democratic Confederalism, is developed systematically. A fundamental criticism of the nation state is followed by a description of its possible alternative, a transnational grass-roots democracy. The texts that form this brochure have been compiled from Öcalan's recent, still untranslated books.

Download as pdf (4th revised edition)

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