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Agisaros – Handmade Soap – Marygold

Agisaros – Handmade Soap – Marygold

Konjac Schwamm

Konjac Schwamm

Agisaros – Handmade Soap – Cretan Forests

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Handgemachte Seife aus Griechenland, ökologisch

Stimulant and fresh scent of Creta's Forests, enriched with precious local avocado oil. Cleans deeply the pores without drying out skin or face, body and hair.

Contains: Pure Olive oil *, Cypress Hydrosol* coconut oil, NaOH, Avocado Oil*, Green Clay, Bee's Wax, Essential Oils of Cypress*, Bay Laurel** and Myrtus**

Made in Greece

*Organic culture **Wildcrafting

Menge: 90g
Grundpreis 3,33 € / 100g

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