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Urban Contrasted

Urban Contrasted "blue" – Kapu

Scum of the Earth - Shirt

Scum of the Earth - Shirt

Bad Kids – T-Shirt

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Fire & Flames

All my friends are Bad Kids


„Well you gotta understand, we only do these things because all we are is…“ But who’s bad in fact? This one goes out to the bored and angry young thugs whose future is already wasted by this fucked up system, to the riot kids who won‘t take anymore oppression, to the antifa criminals giving the scum what they deserve, to the street rebels with a cause causing trouble all the way, to all the unteachable old teenagers and everyone else who hasn‘t made his or her peace with this cold and misanthropic society yet. CHEERS TO ALL THE BAD KIDS!



Printed on Continental Clothing Fairtrade Shirts "Earth Positive"

Materialzusammensetzung: 100% Baumwolle

fire&flames, riotwear

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