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Black Mojito Bundle

Black Mojito Bundle

Refpolk – Alles still Tape

Refpolk – Alles still Tape

Benzin – Vol 1 LP

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Techno Compilation, screenprinted cover, including download code
The first Benzin compilation on Black Mojito Records contains four excellent techno tracks produced by Ness, Mary Yuzovskaya, Carlotta Jacobi and Jay Quentin. The spectrum ranges from trippy to massive, but always hypnotic and deep.

On the A-side, Ness opens the record with his driving and rhythmically accented sound. Mary Yuzovskaya follows it no less skillfully with dreamy synth sounds and rolling bass.

On the B-side Carlotta Jacobi presents her unmistakable mix of hard kicks, repititive synth elements and mystical pads. Jay Quentin completes the compilation with his groovy and driving sound, creating a special mood here with choral pads.
All in all, a record that everyone should have in their analog or digital record cabinets.

Mehr Informationen
Genre Techno
Label Black Mojito
Format LP / 12"
Erscheinungsjahr 2022
Verfügbarkeit sofort verfügbar
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