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Burnchurch - st LP

Burnchurch - st LP

Amen 81 - Le Grand Tour De Passe-Passe LP

Amen 81 - Le Grand Tour De Passe-Passe LP

Brixton Cats - Quartier Maudit LP

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Only 4 1/2 years after its first announcement we finally and proudly come out with the second (and unfortunatly) last LP of Paris antifascist punkrockers at its finest. 11 smart'n'classy streetpunkrock'n'roll smashhits for the family, the struggle and against war, religion, patriarchy, racism and shit like that. Brixton Cats are back and gone forever - better than ever!
(Fire and Flames, 2015)

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Genre Streetpunk / Oi
Label Fire and Flames Music
Format LP / 12"
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
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