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Abfukk –Bock auf Stress CD

Abfukk –Bock auf Stress CD

Arma Di Scelta (Daisy Chain & Hipcut) – Weapon of Coice CD

Arma Di Scelta (Daisy Chain & Hipcut) – Weapon of Choice CD

Bull Brigade – Vita Libertà CD

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After eight long years of waiting we proudly present the new Bull Brigade Album „Vita Liberte“ - Melodic Antifa-Oi from the streets of Turin! Eight tracks about the life in the history-charged alleys of the Motorcity, about freedom, solidarity, friendship and the hate on those who want to destroy these values. The CD comes in a top-quality digipack. In proud cooperation with Anfibio Records, Potencial Hardcore, Unity Records, Casual Records, Fire and Flames and Dure Réalité!



1. Mai Confonderla

2. Motorcity

3. Perduto Amore

4. Pirati del Po

5. Vita Libertà

6. L`Ultimo Pentito

7. P.S.M. feat. ABAN

8. Troppo Distanti 2016


(Fire & Flames, 2016)

Mehr Informationen
Genre Streetpunk / Oi
Label Fire and Flames Music
Format CD
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
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