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Ziad Majed: Syriens verwaiste Revolution

Ziad Majed: Syriens verwaiste Revolution

Luigi Fabbri: Die präventive Konterrevolution

Luigi Fabbri: Die präventive Konterrevolution

Chuang: Social Contagion

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and other material on microbiological class war in China
Paperback, 224 p., Publisher: Charles H. Kerr

Social Contagion presents the untold story of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan. Chuang, a collective of communists living inside and outside China, chronicle the struggles of everyday people caught between a lethal virus and a repressive state. They argue that China’s rapid but fragile economic growth has created the social and biological conditions for new and deadly viruses, of which COVID-19 was merely the latest iteration. Through on-the-ground interviews, reports and analysis, Social Contagion gives us a piercing portrait of the simultaneously draconian and ineffectual response of the Chinese state, as well as the self-organizing survival strategies of ordinary Chinese workers. Chuang conclude that the pandemic has enabled a new mode of counterinsurgent governance, one rooted in decades of institutional experimentation and an emergent theory of statecraft.

Table of Contents

Preface by David Ranney
Social Contagion: Microbiological Class War in China
Worker Organizing Under the Pandemic (Worker Study Room)
As Soon as There’s a Fire, We Run: An Interview with Friends in Wuhan
Plague Illuminates the Great Unity of All Under Heaven: On the Coming State

About the Author

Chuang is an international communist collective that publishes an eponymous journal and blog that includes interviews, translations and original articles about China’s ascent through the piled wreckage of history and the struggles of those dragged beneath it.
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