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Rolling Thunder #10

Rolling Thunder #10

CrimethInc. - Contradictionary. a bestiary of words in revolt

CrimethInc.: Contradictionary. a bestiary of words in revolt

Crime Thought: Theorizing CrimethInc.

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Alden Wood

Taschenbuch, 112 S.


Crimethinc has been the most accessible introduction to anarchist ideas in the past 50 years. This has come at a price. CrimethInc has been accused of being ahistorical, lifestylist, subcultural, and more.

What can't be denied is that CrimethInc has succeeded, far more than any other anarchist publisher, in putting books into the hands of people. But once those people read CrimethInc they don't get involved in other anarchist activities. The tens of thousands of titles haven't resulted in tens of thousands of autonomous agents striking out against the existing order. Crime Thought attempts to examine this failure by placing the ideas of CrimethInc within the broader anarchist and intellectual context that they arise out of. Through this demonstration Crime Thought provides a gateway from CrimethInc to a broad and sustainable anarchist intellectual space that is also a space for attack.

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