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Fight 4 Rojava! – 40 Aufkleber

Fight 4 Rojava! – 40 Aufkleber

The struggle is not for Martyrdom but for Life - an interview with the IRPGF

The struggle is not for Martyrdom but for Life - an interview with the IRPGF

David del Campo: 3/8

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Photobook about the Yazidis in Kurdistan
3/8/2014 ISIS perpetrated the latest of 74 genocides that Yazidis have suffered throughout history, which led to the extermination of tens of thousands of people and the exodus of many others from their ancestral lands in Sinjar (Iraqi Kurdistan).

In the 12m2 delimited by the canvas of their tents in the camps of Diyarbakir and Batman (Turkish Kurdistan), we can find, among other things, a dress, some mats, a backpack, a cardboard cat, a baby crib, or a refrigerator. This territory, when inhabited, turns into a portrait of the family that lives inside.

Through their cell phones, they also reach a world that extends beyond their tents and the wire fences of the camp. Families divided between Iraq, Turkey and Germany keep in touch through social media. In their Facebook walls, they claim their Yazidi identity and the memory of the genocide, but they also share anecdotes of their everyday life, congratulate those who manage to reach a safe country, or simply update their profile picture.

After more than four years living in the camps, their lives revolve around the memories of a past that will never come back, the resignation to a present in which they struggle to build a new daily life, and the uncertainty of a future that they don’t know where it will take them or when it will come.

Limited and numbered edition of 500 copies.
Size: 22 x 16.5 cm
28 diptychs. Leporello binding in folder closed by rubber band. Manually stamped title.
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Autor*in David del Campo
Verlag Selbstverlag
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Erstveröffentlichung 2018
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