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Patrick Spät: Das Leben - und der Sinn des Ganzen

Patrick Spät: Das Leben - und der Sinn des Ganzen




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A book on Egoism

Taschenbuch, 164 S.


The project of self-realisation is born of the passion for creation, in the moment when subjectivity wells up and aspires to reign universally. The project of communication is born of the passion of love, whenever people discover that they share the same desire for amorous conquest. The project of participation is born of the passion for playing, whenever group activity facilitates the self-realisation of each individual.


Isolated, the three passions are perverted. Dissociated, the three projects are falsified. The will to self-realisation is turned into the will to power; sacrificed to status and role-playing, it reigns in a world of restrictions and illusions. The will to communication becomes objective dishonesty; based on relationships between objects, it provides the semiologists with signs to dress up in human guise. The will to participation serves to organise the loneliness of everyone in the crowd; it creates the tyranny of the illusion of community.



Part I
Entries on egoism from the Anarchist Encyclopedia (1934) by Wastiaux, Marestan, Odin, translated by de Acosta Philosophy of Egoism (1905) by James L. Walker
Anarchist Individualism in the Social Revolution by Renzo Novatore
Unbridled Freedom by Enzo Martucci
Egoism (1924) by John Beverley Robinson

From Enemies of Society
Stirner, Marx and Fascism by S.E. Parker 
Freedom and Solitude by Marilisa Fiorina 

Part II
The Unitary Triad: self-realisation, communication, participation by Raoul Vaneigem
Preface to The Right to be Greedy by Bob Black
The Union of Egoists by Svein Olav Nyberg

From Sovereign Self:

A Letter to Lovers (#1) 
Indigenous Egoism (#5)  

From My Own:
An Egoist Method (#3) 
What is an Individual (#1) Nameless: An Egoist Critique of Identity (#6) 

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