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Jane Doe: Die Andere Farm der Tiere

Jane Doe: Die Andere Farm der Tiere

Sub Marcos : Die Anderen Geschichten

Sub Marcos : Die Anderen Geschichten

CrimethInc.: Evasion

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Evasion offers many beautiful stories about surviving in voluntary squalor that are human and touching, yet liberatory and hopeful at the same time.

Taschenbuch, 288 S.

A 288 page novel-like narrative, Evasion is one person's travelogue of thievery and trespassing across the country, evading not only arrest, but also the 40-hour workweek and hopeless boredom of modern life. The journey documents a literal and metaphorical reclamation of an individual's life and the spaces surrounding them—scamming, squatting, dumpstering, train hopping and shoplifting a life worth living and a world worth the fighting for.

“. . . then life began, and since then we remember each dumpster, abandoned house, and foot-chase by retail security. At night, after running around, plotting and scheming, our checklist items all crossed out, we paused to think—'What to do tomorrow?' and the answer was always, 'As we please . . .'”

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Autor*in CrimethInc.
Verlag CrimethInc.
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsjahr 2001
Erstveröffentlichung 2001
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