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Julia Roßhart: Klassenunterschiede im feministischen Bewegungsalltag

Julia Roßhart: Klassenunterschiede im feministischen Bewegungsalltag

Feeding the Masses. A Guide to Mass Vegan Catering

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by the Anarchist Teapot Mobile Kitchen

Taschenbuch, 94 S.


Over the years the Anarchist Teapot mobile kitchen was often asked for advice on mass catering. I got tired of writing the same stu over and over again in emails, so I took it on to compile an info booklet. I thought about 10 people would be interested in it, but we've printed and reprinted countless copies – for some bizarre reason, there seems to be a lot of you interested in cooking massive pots of vegan food.


 So here's a new and updated reprint. Some things had gone a bit out of date, and I've also tried to re-organise the zine so it'd be more useful for cooking in different settings. Plus some disclaimers to start with - this is entirely based on our own, specific experiences, and what I'd say if you asked me, how do I cook for 150 people? It's also entirely based on our own motivations to cook. To us, it's not to do with making pro ts or even paying ourselves, but entirely to do with wanting to fulfill a role in the communities we build when we engage in grassroots resistance to the status quo. And we've found feeding people delicious food is a great way of consolidating community.

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