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Reinhold Schlotz: Von Golgatha nach Auschwitz

Reinhold Schlotz: Von Golgatha nach Auschwitz

David H.T. Wong:  Flucht zum Goldenen Berg

David H.T. Wong: Flucht zum Goldenen Berg

Fredy Perlman: Against His-Story, Against Leviathan!

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critical perspective on contemporary civilization and society

Paperback, 290 p.,


The darkling plain is here. This is the waste land: England, America, Russia, China, Israel, France… And we are here as victims, or as spectators, or as perpetrators of tortures, massacres, poisonings, manipulations, despoliations. Hic Rhodus! This is the place to jump, the place to dance! This is the wilderness! Was there ever any other? This is savagery! Do you call it freedom? This is barbarism! The struggle for survival is right here. Haven’t we always known it? Isn’t this a public secret? Hasn’t it always been the big public secret? It remains a secret. It is publicly known but not avowed. Publicly the wilderness is elsewhere, barbarism is abroad, savagery is on the face of the other. The dry sterile thunder without rain, the confused alarms of struggle and flight, are projected outward, into the great unknown, across the seas and over the mountains. We’re on the side with the angels.

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Autor*in Fredy Perlman
Verlag Active Distribution
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Erstveröffentlichung 2016
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