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duesenjaeger - blindflug 12

duesenjaeger - blindflug 12"

Downfall of Gaia - Epos LP

Downfall of Gaia - Epos LP

from the depths - germinate LP

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Anarchistischer Hardcore mit crimethinc.-Bezug

Featuring ex-members of the bands Requiem and Catharsis and hearkening back to the days when anarcho-punk was characterized by bands as diverse as Crass, Chumbawumba, and Contropotere, the songs on this album combine d-beat power, slower and faster hardcore, harsh noise, and even a passage from a traditional Italian anarchist folk ballad. This is intense, defiant, dark music, but it is based in compelling melodies; you can scream these songs at the top of your lungs in a riot, but you could also sing them quietly to yourself in jail to maintain your spirits. Recorded at Mars Studio (known for recording Catharsis, Undying, and scores of more famous hardcore bands), “Germinate” comprises 7 songs in 36 minutes, an epic paean to self-determination and resistance.

Die Platte kann mensch auch auf der Band Homepage runterladen.
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Genre Hardcore
Label Fire and Flames Music
Format LP / 12"
Erscheinungsjahr 2010
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