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Queerfeministischer Taschenkalender 2019

Queerfeministischer Taschenkalender 2019

Schwarz-Rote Bergsteiger_innen – A3 Wandkalender 2019

Schwarz-Rote Bergsteiger_innen – A3 Wandkalender 2019

Hambacher Forst Erotic Calender – 2019

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all benefits go to Hambacher Wald

A4 wall calender


»The next cutting season will be long and hard. RWE will try to cut as many of our tree-trunks as possible, however we will remain firm. Many lonely nights in our tree houses are awaiting us. To ensure that it is not going to be that lonely we have the Hambach erotic calendar 2019. The transition away from coal enegery remains manual labour and we will be pleased with very bit of inspiration we can get.

In real life we all are casual horny housemen and housewives, underpaid plumbers and dirty traffic cops or hardcore erotic masseuses. However since people know us only in the context of the Hambach forest they cannot know about this hidden side of ours. So we thought it would be really nice to drop our ski masks and present ourselves from our sensual side.

But how is an erotic calendar linked to world climate and the Hambach forest? It is important to many of us not only limit our activism and political thinking to (one-sided) climate- and environmental politics. We want to emphasize the importance of the basic ways we live our lives together and focus on the relationships that very much design our daily lives. This also implies sexuality.

But does the liberation from bigotry and prejudices really need more display of naked skin? Well, we think it help that this calendar is different: self-confidently non-professional, displaying different fetishes and less male presence in dominant roles and positions. All of this decorated with a texts about BDSM, gender, consensus, climate change and of course scabies.

Other than in the mainstream porn-industry, we can ensure you that all people contributing to this calendar very much enjoyed themselves during the production. So we think that as long as you enjoy the result of this work something is already won. «

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