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Restorative Justice. Eine radikale Vision.

Restorative Justice. Eine radikale Vision.

Johann Most / Saverio Merlino: Wie weiter mit der „Propaganda der Tat“?

Johann Most / Saverio Merlino: Wie weiter mit der „Propaganda der Tat“?

I Hope We Choose Love. A Trans Girl's Notes from the End of the World

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By Kai Cheng Thom
Paperback, 304 p., Arsenal Pulp Press

What can we hope for at the end of the world? What can we trust in when community has broken our hearts? What would it mean to pursue justice without violence? How can we love in the absence of faith?

In a heartbreaking yet hopeful collection of personal essays and prose poems, blending the confessional, political, and literary, acclaimed poet and essayist Kai Cheng Thom dives deep into the questions that haunt social movements today. With the author's characteristic eloquence and honesty, I Hope We Choose Love proposes heartfelt solutions on the topics of violence, complicity, family, vengeance, and forgiveness. Taking its cues from contemporary thought leaders in the transformative justice movement such as adrienne maree brown and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, this provocative book is a call for nuance in a time of political polarization, for healing in a time of justice, and for love in an apocalypse.

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Autor*in Kai Cheng Thom
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsjahr 2022
Erstveröffentlichung 2019
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