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La Révolte

La Révolte!

About 4 years we continue to develope our commercial project, which starts from anarchist library in the Ukraine and search for funds to buy more books. Since 2015 it pass a lot of time, and library now is full with a lot of intresting books, but for movement it's not enough only a knowledges, it's also needs resources to implement the ideas, that's why we are going to a new level and we named it La Révolte!

Translation of La Révolte is - revolt, about what revolt we are talking about? It is obvious to us that one of the strongest constraining factors for the development of the movement is the material support of activists and projects. La Révolte is focused on solving this problem.

What all this about?

Conventionally, the work of the project can be divided into 4 areas:

1. Shop: concept of our store is about selling goods from libertarian initiatives and their advertising. That's why when you are buying goods from us or from project like this directly, you are supporting your like-minded people financially. Exceptions could be for interesting literature, which was made on usual publishing and also it's for goods that was "released".

2. The development of our own clothing brand La Révolte The meaning of the brand is not just to sew clothes and make money on it, but to attract friendly industries and people: sewing workshops, screen printing, artists and other professionals. Clothing is a commodity that everyone uses, so we made a bet on the development of this area and try to assemble a manufacturing team around this brand.

3. Organization of events and support non-commercial initiatives. As far as possible, we direct the profit received from the sale of goods from the store to support activists, initiatives and funds. We also plan to organize some events by our team and volunteers, messages about which will be in our social networks or come on personal contacts.

4. Ideoloogy:
Insofar as we are connected with production, we will spread the information about nowadays negative productions and existing alternatives - information will be also published in our social newtworks (VK public, telegram etc)

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