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Light Bearer - Silver Tongue DoLP

Light Bearer - Silver Tongue DoLP

La Casa Fantom - Feed My Silence LP

La Casa Fantom - Feed My Silence LP

Lawine - st LP

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When my friend Eric (Sloth, SandCreekMassacre) wrote me these words about his new band LAWINE, i was really curious to hear & see what it's going to be like:

"So my friend Yvo who used to play bass in Antillectual called me about a year ago since he really missed playing in a band and he wanted to start a band again with music he felt connected with and be a band that is more than just music...we asked our friend Hans (landverraad,tyrannicide) and our friend Peter(scm) and started making songs in the veins of City of caterpillar, Catharsis and other slightly older stuff that isnt so easy to listen to..we were also constantly discussing how we can actually be a "political" band and figure out ways how for example play shows and combine this with info nights, action groups and other interesting stuff...also realising we are just a punk band and dont wanna be 4 pretentious guys that happend to play an instrument"

Now some weeks later, i'm completely stoked and happy to announce, that i am part of this amazing debut 12" by this intense & outstanding band!!!
(contraszt records)

Mehr Informationen
Genre Hardcore, Punk
Label Contraszt Records
Format LP / 12"
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
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