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Peter Gelderloos: Aufstand vs. Organisation - über eine sinnlose Spaltung

Peter Gelderloos: Aufstand vs. Organisation - über eine sinnlose Spaltung

Occupied London #5

Occupied London #5

Luigi Galleani : The end of Anarchism?

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There are undoubtedly anarchists everywhere, in the four coners of the earth, but is there anarchism?

Taschenbuch, 121 S.


A new edition of The End of Anarchism? by Luigi Galleani, an anarchist militant in both Italy and North America, who is best known for his activities as the editor of the US-based Italian language journal, Cronaca Sovversiva, published between 1903 and 1918. From this paper sprang one of the largest and most enduring elements of the anarchist movement in North America.

The End of Anarchism?, first published as a volume in 1925, is an expanded version of a series of articles that appeared under the same title some twenty years earlier—in Cronaca Sovversiva—as a reply to an assertion by a former militant, Saverio Merlino, that the anarchist movement was no longer vital or significant. Initially conceived as a rebuttal, it developed into an eloquent exposition of Galleani's own concept of anarchist-communism, his most organic theoretical work—“a lucid statement of the ever present problems of anarchism in relation to the would-be revolutionary movements" in the words of Errico Malatesta. 


“Galleani doesn’t talk about the totality of the struggle, something in movement, that grows to infinity, destroying limits and domestication in this little book, but he talks about an essential component of the latter that must already exist now, in our utopian vision and projectual reality.” Jean Weir

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Autor*in Luigi Galleani
Verlag Elephant Editions
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
Erstveröffentlichung 1925
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