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Mülheim Asozial – Im Schoß der Kolchose LP

Mülheim Asozial – Im Schoß der Kolchose LP

Neonschwarz – Clash CD

Neonschwarz – Clash Doppel-LP

Morrow – Fallow LP

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atmospheric crust
800x black Vinyl, Gatefoldcover, massiv booklet, download code

Morrow are a violin and cello driven atmospheric crust band, in the vein of Ictus, Fall of Efrafa and Remains of the day. They began their post civilisation odyssey in 2016’s “Covenant of Teeth” the somber string laden D beat, seated in the forests and ice scapes of future primitive cultures. “Fallow” picks up where their debut ended; following the same protagonists as they leave the safety of the forests in search of knowledge amongst the sweltering, vibrant and violent carcass cities in the desert south. It is a far more raucous record; a pandemonium of drums and throaty cello as our characters face a chaotic, terrifying and majestic landscape, one of bared teeth amongst the sand storms and screaming voices. Fallow features guest vocals from members of Gattaca, Monachus, Autarch, Wildspeaker, Hyena, Sol and Fall of Efrafa.

Mehr Informationen
Genre Crust
Label Alerta Antifascista Records
Format LP / 12"
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
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