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Philipp Meinert: Homopunk History

Philipp Meinert: Homopunk History

Zwei Jahre kollektives Zentrum (koZe) im Münzviertel. Versucher einer Auswertung.

Zwei Jahre kollektives Zentrum (koZe) im Münzviertel. Versuche einer Auswertung.

My Edge Is Anything But Straight

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Towards A Radical Queer Critique Of Intoxication Culture

“I’ve always felt ambivalent towards sXe identity, though, a major reason being that I also identify strongly as queer. It’s not that I think the two identities are necessarily incompatible, but they seem to have an uncomfortable relationship. On the one hand, I haven’t felt much space to be my queer self in most punk/ hardcore scenes, and the hyper-masculine reputation of sXe definitely turns me off. On the other hand, I’ve faced a lot of exclusion within queer scenes for my sobriety.

With this article I’m attempting to reconcile these parts of myself, wondering how I might hold on to the edge while leaving behind the straight. I hope that it will provoke conversation and debate about drugs, alcohol, queer communities, sXe, radical politics, and about how we can transform our society.”
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Erscheinungsjahr 2019
Erstveröffentlichung 2014
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