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Rosa Parks / Tendencie – split 10

Rosa Parks / Tendencie – split 10"

Moloch / Tischlerei Lischitzki – split 10

Moloch / Tischlerei Lischitzki – split 10"

Non Servium / Bull Brigade – The Chaos Brotherhood Split 10″

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Streetpunk / Oi
Torino meets Madriz, Streetpunk meets Brutal Oi! and of course everything with the right antifascist attitude. The bands covering two songs of each other in their one distinctive style. Just massive! Comes on white vinyl and with downloadcode. In proud cooperation with Casual Records, Motorcity Produzioni and Panda Artist.

A1 – Hecho En Madriz
A2 – A Way Of Life

B1 – Augusta Taurinorum
B2 – Tredici Dodici

Mehr Informationen
Genre Streetpunk / Oi
Label Fire and Flames Music
Format 10"
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
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