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Naked Aggression - Right now EP

Naked Aggression - Right now EP

Opozicion - Radio Insurgente EP

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Anarchopunk aus Kolumbien
Das sagt Profane Existence:
"This is one of the most unique records to arrive in our hands in recent months. Opozicione are (were) from Bogata, Colombia and containt members of Polikarpa y sus Viciosas, Kontra-Orden, Frente Urbano, and Skartel (3 men, 3 women). Musically they are a super intense brand of anarcho-punk that has a solid punk rock foundation, multiple layers of vocals (male and female) and the backing of a saxaphone. The lyrics are in Spanish, but are clearly political in nature. Unfortunately, due to the drummer's accidental death, this will probably be the one and only Opozicione EP"
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Genre Hardcore, Punk
Label DIY Labels
Format EP / 7"
Erscheinungsjahr 2004
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