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Marriage against Borders

Marriage against Borders

Huey P. Newton: In Verteidigung der Selbstverteidigung

Huey P. Newton: In Verteidigung der Selbstverteidigung

Raising Empowered Children

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A Parent's Guid to Addressing Racism and Discrimination by Nkechi Madubuko
Paperback, 144 p.

Binational and non-Christian children face stereotypes, racism and discrimination in (pre-)school and everyday life. These negative experiences can be harmful for their sense of self-worth, which makes it important for parents to be able to provide emotional guidance and prepare their children to be able to deal with such experiences. This helps children to feel loved, empowered and equal. The book focuses on sensitizing parents to not minimize these experiences, building a trusting relationship, talking about heritage, understanding racism as a projection, learning to differentiate, building confidence, creating inner and outer spaces of safety and acceptance and how to address all these issues in an age appropriate manner.

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Erscheinungsjahr 2022
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