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Advertising Shits In Your Head. Strategies for Resistance.

Advertising Shits In Your Head. Strategies for Resistance.

Recipes for Disaster. An Anarchist Cookbook (2.0)

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The new improved, bigger and better Recipes for Disaster 2nd Edition.

Broschiert (Großformat), 400 S., zweite Auflage


Three years in the making, Recipes for Disaster is the long-awaited follow-up to the CrimethInc. collective’s notorious first book, Days of War, Nights of Love. This 400-page manual complements the romance and idealism of that earlier work with practical information and instruction. Over thirty collectives collaborated in testing, composing, and editing the book’s 62 sections, which range from Affinity Groups, Coalition Building, and Mental Health to Sabotage, Squatting, and Wheatpasting. These are illustrated with extensive technical diagrams and first-hand accounts, and prefaced with a thorough discussion of the diverse roles direct action can play in social transformation. If you’re looking for a tactical handbook for revolutionary action, look no further.


This second edition, released in Fall of 2012, is comprised of the same content as the first edition, and boasts a new larger 7" x 10" format; photos and diagrams that are 77% and 164% larger, respectively; twenty-one new photos and a new introduction; improved typography and readability; and a more durable layflat binding. Read a detailed blog post about the improvements and their history here.

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Autor*in CrimethInc.
Verlag CrimethInc.
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Erstveröffentlichung 2004
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