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Wildstyle – T-Shirt

Wild Style – T-Shirt

Wir sind die Mauer, das Volk muss weg! T-Shirt

Wir sind die Mauer – T-Shirt

Revolutionary Sisterhood T-Shirt

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Fire & Flames
"Hey stupid, revolution is not just boys‘ fun – quite the contrary! This one is in total support for all those who are forced to stand strong against everyday's sexist discrimination, exploitation and violence in this male dominated patriarchal world. Secondly it’s also for those privileged who try to refuse the patriarchal game, who make a step back from time to time to leave space for the too often unseen and unheard and support feminist resistance. The term Revolutionary Sisterhood is a call fo the respectful unity of all the same but different struggles for a free live in global equality, justice and solidarity for everyone – a reminder of the clever knowledge that noone is free until everybody are. UNITED AGAINST OPPRESSION – SMASH PATRIARCHY!"

Earthpositve Shirt von Continental Clothing
Grammatur: 180g/m²
Materialzusammensetzung: 100% Baumwolle
fire&flames, riotwear
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