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Rifu - Revolutionary Tango LP

Rifu - Revolutionary Tango LP

Ricochet - s/t LP

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Hardcore / Anarchopunk
Vertrackter Hardcore / Anarchopunk aus Russland.

Das sagt st demo records:
10 tracks of danceable mix of rocking moody punk/melodic hardcore that is hard to discribe in terms of style and similar band names, we wanted to do something different with both rythms and lyrics and well we all will see if we managed to do this. Our friend Max Ionov did this record for us on our own Cur’s Head home taping studio. We wanted to keep our sound to maximum represent the feeling of the live sound in the name of all the people who came to see us play live during these nearly two years.

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Genre Hardcore
Format LP / 12"
Erscheinungsjahr 2008
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