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Ruins – Within LP

Ruins – Within LP

Postford – st LP

Postford – st LP

RPG-7 – Vuelta al Barrio LP

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Rock Proletario
Second full lenth album of RPG-7 – original Rock Proletario from Madrids storied barrio Vallekas/Madrid. Mixing up Oi, Streetpunk, Hardcore and a tight influence of metal with antifascist and communist ideas, this album serves you 10 brutal but melodic bazooka shots in castellan language directly in the faces of the fascists and the bourgeoisie.
Released 2017 in international cooperation from Fire & Flames, Potencial Hardcore, Duré Réalité, Sabandijas Streetwear, Redcore Records and Red Dawn Records.

01 Brujas De La Noche
02 RPG7 Crew
03 Nuestra Barrios
04 Soy Consciente
05 Corazon Minero

06 Si Estuvieras Aqui
07 El Porto De Vallekas
08 Secuestrados
09 Companera
10 Vientos De Octubre (by Jaini Boot Boys and Gemma)

Mehr Informationen
Genre Streetpunk / Oi
Label Fire and Flames Music
Format LP / 12"
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
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