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Unsilent - st CD

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Hootz! - st CD

Scrap Monsters - st CD

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Angepisster HC-Punk aus Russland.
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Scrap Monsters was formed in June, 2008 in Izhevsk, Russia when 4 drinking and skating (two of us) together guys decided to start a band. Sick of things around us and inspired by the raw and agressive sound of bands we all liked we had no doubts what kind of punk rock we wanted to play and what to sing about. Scrap Monsters play fast hardcore punk inspired by american hardcore punk bands of late 90s / 2000s with big influence of uk82 and NWOBHM. We released our cd-r ep in may 2009. In may 2011 our first full-length self-titled album has come out on Teenage Waste records. We have been and always will be a band that sticks to anti-racist views. We hate nazis, cops & politicians and we don't wanna play with/for nazis or those who deal with them. Fuck you! Others are welcome on our shows.. See ya at gigs!

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Genre Hardcore, Punk
Label DIY Labels
Format CD
Erscheinungsjahr 2011
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