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Scum of the Earth - Shirt

Scum of the Earth - Shirt

Wildstyle – T-Shirt

Wild Style – T-Shirt

Scum of the Earth tailliertes Shirt

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Fire & Flames

Scum of the earth — Fuck your austerity


»Do you know this modern german dictator who rules Europe with cold capitalist „rationality“, abolishes even the sad relicts of democratic achievements and drives whole peoples into poverty in the name of „no altenative“? We know she’s just a more or less exchangeable face of capitalist brutality, but why leave the ruling hench(wo)men of the system in peace? We hate her and condemn her authoritarian government of this stupid crisis economy and so we think it’s high time to dedicate this scum of the earth a nasty nasty shirt motive of our upcoming winter collection. FUCK YOUR AUSTERITY! RISE UP PEOPLE OF EUROPE! ABOLISH CAPITALISM!«


GILDAN tailliertes Shirt

Grammatur: 180 g/m², 

Materialzusammensetzung: 100% Baumwolle

fire&flames, riotwear

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