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Voice of Anger und der rechte Untergrund im Allgäu

Voice of Anger und der rechte Untergrund im Allgäu

calles de azúcar #1

calles de azúcar #1

streets of sugar #1

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formerly known as routes sucrées
Zine, 24 p.

„Streets of Sugar“ (formerly known as „Routes sucrées“) is an inter-/antinational leftist magazine that is being distributed for free in English-speaking countries. It focuses on providing undogmatic food for thought for a liberated society – one free of capitalism, sexism, homophobia, the state, racism and other forms of domination. One that we, for lack of a better name, would call libertarian communism. „Routes sucrées“ is the „little sister“ of a German youth magazine entitled „Straßen aus Zucker“, which has a circulation of 180,000 copies and has been in existence for nearly 10 years. The newly launched English version will begin with 30,000 copies distributed via info shops, autonomous centers, activist gatherings as well as conferences and panel discussions. With it, we wish to further an international debate on how to bring about emancipation. Unlike a lot of leftist magazines we try to break information down into a form that’s easy to understand yet doesn’t oversimplify. We are not affiliated with any party or large organization, we are a dedicated volunteer-run collective of individuals and people from the undogmatic libertarian left-communist group „TOP – Theory, Organisation, Practice.“ Our project has provided an important platform for left debates in the German-speaking world. We hope to continue this with our comrades, friends and allies from abroad!


Instead of an introduction
Why an internationalist antinational magazine?

Expanding the floor of the cage?
Why we need a revolution. And why a revolution is not enough.

Fuck you, I won‘ t do what you tell me!
Interview with Tom Morello of „Rage Against the Machine

Start with yourself!?
About uneaten McDonald’s burgers, unworn H&M clothes and unbooked journeys. Or: How consumer criticism is often too simple.

Actually Existing Socialism?
What we think about the Soviet Union & Co. and why their horror is ever the more reason to fight for communism.

When the Birds and the Bees…
Why sex and the state get it on with each other…

“It’s their fault!”
Capitalism. Crisis. Conflicts. Jews are blamed for almost everything. Antisemitism is a reality in all parts of German society – even in the left.

We are not disabled, we are being disabled
“It’s not our bodies that are wrong, but a poorly-equipped society.”

PorNo? PorYes? PorHaps…
Why not all Porn is hot.

We’re Running out of Work – at Last!
About work and karoshi.

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