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shatten - st LP

shatten - st LP

Turbostaat – Nachtbrot doppel-LP

Turbostaat – Nachtbrot doppel-LP

Swan Songs – Con Artists LP

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SWAN SONGS is a four piece band from Muenster, Germany with (ex-)members of Blankets, Idle Class and Goodbye Fairground. Since 2018 they played a dime a dozen squad shows along with bands like RVIVR, Petrol Girls and Giver. Their self-released debut LP "Con Artists" is a collection of songs between grunge and shoegaze with silent and reverbish guitarparts combined with HC/Punk rough vocals lead by a catchy chorus. DIY songwriting 101 with a twist. Those 10 songs were recorded and mixed at Sunsetter Recordings and mastered by Original Mastering. The artwork was done by Lucas Meyer Design, pictures were taken by Fa Hoff. LP package comes with a large 29,9 x 84,2cm photo print with lyrics and a download card.

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Genre Hardcore, Postpunk, Punk
Format LP / 12"
Erscheinungsjahr 2019
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