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Start a Fire – Schattenjagd LP

Start a Fire – Schattenjagd LP

Todschicker, – st LP

Todschicker, – st LP

Terrible Feelings – Tremors LP

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Musically Terrible Feelings has been described as proto punk, dark power pop and gloomy surf, with a tint of both country and 70s hard rock. All descriptions are correct. It´s rock 'n' roll.

April 2015 will see the dawn of "Tremors", the band´s second full length. Recorded by Joakim from MF/MB/, mastered by Linus from Element (Goat, etc), and with stunning artwork by Robert Hurula.

Mehr Informationen
Genre Punk, Wave, Rock, Postpunk
Label Sabotage Records
Format LP / 12"
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
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