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Los Fastidios - Let's do it CD

Los Fastidios - Let's do it CD

Canalterror - Zu Spät CD

Canalterror - Zu Spät CD

The Oppressed / Enraged Minority - split CD

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Oi / Streetpunk
Live at Crash Freiburg

Two outstanding bands playing powerfull antifascist oi are united on this live split. This record containing 7 songs of the legendary Oppressed as well as 7 partially new songs of their by now well known mates of Enraged Minority. Not only the magnificient sound quality by live standards makes this album a must-have, here you go.
(Mad Butcher, 2013)

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Genre Streetpunk / Oi
Label Mad Butcher Records
Format CD
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
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