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Make Rojava Green Again (deutschsprachiges Buch)

Make Rojava Green Again (deutschsprachiges Buch) [Mängelexemplar]

Die geheime Welt Terijian

Die geheime Welt Terijian

The Solutions are Already Here Strategies for Ecological Revolution from Below

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Paperback, 256 p.

Are alternative energies and Green New Deals enough to deliver environmental justice? Peter Gelderloos argues that international governmental responses to the climate emergency are structurally incapable of solving the crisis. But there is hope.

Across the world, grassroots networks of local communities are working to realise their visions of an alternative revolutionary response to planetary destruction, often pitted against the new megaprojects promoted by greenwashed alternative energy infrastructures and the neocolonialist, technocratic policies that are the forerunners of the Green New Deal.

Gelderloos interviews food sovereignty activists in Venezuela, Indigenous communities reforesting their lands in Brazil and anarchists fighting biofuel plantations in Indonesia, looking at the battles that have cancelled airports, stopped pipelines, and helped the most marginalised to fight borders and environmental racism, to transform their cities, to win a dignified survival.

All author royalties go to Indigenous and anarchist initiatives in Brazil and Indonesia.
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Autor*in Peter Gelderloos
Verlag Pluto Press
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsjahr 2022
Erstveröffentlichung 2022
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