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Sunlun LP

Sunlun - Ceaseless Exhausting Pursuit LP

The Italian Stallion – Deathe Before Discography LP

The Italian Stallion – Deathe Before Discography LP

Thränenkind – The Elk DoLP

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“THRÄNENKIND is all about atmosphere, not blazing speed or brutality. They remind me a bit of WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM without the black metal, but have a lot in common with CELESTIIAL, a “woodland doom” band from the Mid-Western U.S.” “The Elk” is a concept album telling the story of two siblings, who are on a roadtrip to their father’s funeral. They are faced with meeting old friends and memories, tragedy, hope, death and a mysterious "stranger". The focus of interest: pure emotion and intense impressions. The heart takes control...


01. Monument
02. Just Another Way Of Expressing Defeat
03. The King Is Dead
04. My Transparent Heart
05. Today, The Sea (Anja's Song)
06. Deleting Those Three Words
07. Eternal Youth
08. Seven Dead Horses
09. Silence Is Everything
10. Forest pt. I (The Veil)
11. Forest pt. II (The Grove)
12. This Story Of Permanence
13. The Elk


- double vinyl, including 13 songs
- 180g black vinyl
- gatefold
- lyrics insert
- A2 poster with 2 sides (!), including "The elk" shortstory
- all printed on heavy rough carton (insert, gatefold)
- numbered
- strictly limited edition of 350 copies (black)

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