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Berxwedan Jîyan e
Resistance means life

The proceedings against one of our posters with a Rojava cover were recently concluded. We are no longer allowed to spread this poster in this form, but we have simply designed a new one. Especially in view of the current attacks on Rojava / Afrîn, practical support of the Kurdish movement is becoming more and more necessary. We have written down some thoughts (only in german language) about the censorship and demand an end to the criminalization of the Kurdish movement.

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Aufkleber Mix – Deluxe Version

In diesem Aufkleber-Mix findet ihr alle Aufkleber die wir im Sortiment haben je 1x Mal – das ergibt dann so etwa 160 – 220 Aufkleber. Oben drauf kommen noch Reste von alten Motiven… und was wir sonst noch so für Sticker rumfliegen haben.

Hier gehts zum Mix

Aufklebermix Deluxe
riot socks