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Soli-Anhänger für Ketten (18mm)  (mit verschiedenen Gravuren)

Solidarity pendant for chains (18mm) (with different engravings)

Olive oil for

Olive oil for "the gears of movement" - 1 liter

A Cupload of Solidarity – enamel mug

(inkl. MwSt.)

  • Enamel mug white with black rim, diameter: 7cm, volume: 250ml
  • Made from seamlessly drawn sheet steel
  • 100% recyclable
  • Nickel-free, especially recommended for people with nickel allergies
  • Easy to clean thanks to non-porous, abrasion-resistant surface
  • Scratch and cut resistant
  • The robust, glass-hard surface guarantees a long service life
  • tasteless and odorless
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Acid and alkali resistant
  • Lightfast and fade resistant

Background: The non-profit association ROSA e.V. was founded in March 2021. It sees itself as a political association with an intersectional view of society and a queer-feminist and anti-racist basic consensus.

The core of the project is a mobile contact point for fleeing women and girls – the Rolling Safespace. In concrete terms, basic medical care, sports and exercise, discussion groups, childcare and the distribution of urgently needed "hygiene items" (such as menstrual items, diapers, condoms) are provided from a converted vehicle. This is intended to ensure humanitarian aid that is aimed at the special circumstances and multiple burdens of women on the run.

ROSA is explicitly in favor of a Europe that shows solidarity and respects human rights, and calls for institutional action to counteract the humanitarian catastrophe at Europe's external borders and for gender-equitable aid strategies!

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