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Black Mosquito – Mailorder since 2003

Black Mosquito is a non-profit mail order with a focus on anarchist / emancipatory / left-wing radical ideas & practices.

We work together in a diffuse collective, have different focuses and invest different amounts of time in the project. After deducting fixed costs such as rent, wages, etc., all profits flow back into emancipatory projects. This happens either through discounts for infoshops & political groups, through the sale of solidarity articles or directly through the sale of products from solidarity trade.

In terms of content, we see ourselves as a sort of 'digital infoshop' - this means that we are generally open to various radical perspectives. Our focus is on the distribution and accessibility of radical content. Our attitudes within the collective are not always completely free of contradictions, but that is not what we are about.

Our policy regarding the books / brochures / flyers we distribute is quite simple: we look at what we think is relevant or worthy of discussion and then include it in the shop. The second version of how material ends up with us is requests and hints from you, political groups and comrades. Of course we have limits - but we also think that a culture of debate is important and that this includes the possibility to get first-hand information about certain contents.

The same policy also applies to our social media presence: here, too, we share content from a wide spectrum, either because we were asked to do so or on our own initiative, because we think that this content is at least worthy of discussion.

Last but not least, we also produce our own stuff besides the mailorder:

These are, on the one hand, translations and the corresponding publication of books & brochures, which take place under the label bm-crew. An insight into the work of this associated project can be found here.

Moreover we also make our own stickers, shirts, posters, buttons, and other fancy things - you can find this stuff under the category fabrikat BM.
If we run riot somewhere between techno and punk in the subculture you can find all this under our label Black Mojito



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