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Talk Shit - Get Hit – Hoodie

Talk Shit - Get Hit – Hoodie

Adopt don't shop (Cat) – Hoodie

Adopt don't shop (Cat) – Hoodie

Adopt don't shop (Dog) – Hoodie

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Brand: roots of compassion

Sweater: Stanley & Stelly - Stanley Drummer - fairtrade & bio

Material: 85% organic cotton, 15% recycled polyester, 280 g / m²

This dog has a clear message: Adopt don't shop! Because for every animal that is bought from a breeder, one stays in the shelter. By the way, the message of the sweater can also be found here in the shop with a cute cat.

Many of them never find a new home and stay in the shelter for the rest of their lives, while people continue to breed animals. They keep dogs in completely overcrowded cages, lock rabbits behind bars and repeatedly impregnate cats so that they can always sell new offspring. They try to create 'perfect' animals, with certain body shapes, hair, or color of feathers, because these are the ones that make the most money. All of these animals have mostly gone through a long path of suffering in breeding facilities in which the individual individual is of no importance. This includes the fact that dogs with extremely short noses can hardly breathe, cats without tails lack their balance and canaries cannot see through dense feather hoods. As a rule, there are economic interests associated with breeding, so what happens to these animals when they get old and therefore unsaleable? The probability is high that animals from breeding contexts and from the zoo trade will not have a happy old age, but will instead be killed and disposed of or sold as feed for other animals. So there are many good reasons to question this system and the structures behind it and not to support it by buying an animal. Instead, a sensible alternative is to adopt an animal from a shelter. An adoption there does not support economic interests; instead, animal shelters can be relieved and the animals can be offered the best possible life from there. Adopt don't shop!

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