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Ashkara - In Silence LP

Ashkara - In Silence LP

Alarmsignal - Revolutionäre sterben nie LP

Alarmsignal - Revolutionäre sterben nie LP

Agonir - Et Les Droits De L'Homme… LP

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…S'Effacent Devant Les Droits De L'Asticot
Formed in 2015 as Métal Cacahuète, then Jagged and finally AGONIR [french verb,"to overwhelm someone by insults"], the band plays fast-crust with female and male vocals, taking cues from bands like Disrupt, Detestation, Skit System...

sleeve with little signs of transport (pressure marks)
More Information
Genre Crust
Label Finte Platten
Format LP / 12"
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
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