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Super Crazy Feminist – Neon Aufkleber

Super Crazy Feminist – Neon Sticker

Antifaschistische Aktion (pink) – Eggshell Stickers

Antifaschistische Aktion (pink) – Eggshell Stickers

Antifa Area (pink) – Eggshell Stickers

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Size 3x11 cm / 20 pieces

EGGSHELLSTICKERS are stickers for extreme requirements. Normally intended as a tamper-proof seal, this adhesive film sticks to almost all surfaces with extreme adhesive strength, which even increases the longer it is bonded. If you try to remove these stickers, the foil breaks into small pieces like an eggshell. These stickers are suitable for all applications where a difficult or almost impossible distance is the goal.
It is printed using weatherproof and extremely durable screen printing.

Under no circumstances should the stickers be placed anywhere that you do not have explicit permission.

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