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Kharkiv Hardcore – SOLI – T-Shirt

Kharkiv Hardcore – SOLIDARITY – T-Shirt

Deep Roots – T-Shirt

Deep Roots – T-Shirt

Arditi del Popolo – T-Shirt

As low as €20.00

T-shirt: Stanley/Stella Rocker – fair trade & organic

Material: 100% organic cotton, 150g/m²

Translation: The rebel's spirit. The rebel's body.

About "Arditi del Popolo": The Arditi del Popolo (The People's Daring Ones) was an Italian militant anti-fascist group founded at the end of June 1921 to resist the rise of Benito Mussolini's National Fascist Party and the violence of the Blackshirts (squadristi) paramilitaries.[1] It grouped revolutionary trade-unionists, socialists, communists, anarchists, republicans, anti-capitalists, as well as some former military officers, and was co-founded by Mingrino, Argo Secondari and Gino Lucetti – who tried to assassinate Mussolini on 11 September 1926 – the deputy Guido Picelli and others. (Wikipedia)

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