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Barricades 4 Dignity – T-Shirt (waisted fit)

Barricades 4 Dignity – T-Shirt (waisted fit)

Futbol Rebelde – tailliertes Shirt

Futbol Rebelde – tailliertes Shirt

Barricades 4 Dignity – Sweatshirt

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Of course, it was not only the 30 peso fare increase (the equivalent of almost 4 euro cents) that triggered thousands of people in Santiago de Chile to devastate and burn down metro stations, loot shops and attack the Pacos in the night from October 18 to 19. Rather, it is the 30 years that have passed since the official end of the military dictatorship that are now driving hundreds of thousands of people onto the streets. People are taking the streets to revolt against the unfinished reappraisal of Pinochet’s dictatorship, against the ongoing oppression of the indigenous Mapuche population and against the cruel and dehumanising neo-liberal system that has forced people into poverty, hunger and political incapacitation. “Lucha hasta que la dignidad se haga costumbre” – fighting until dignity becomes normality is one of the central slogans of this revolt. A revolt in which in the destruction of the old the glory of the new appears: people of all ages standing side by side and protect each other at the Riots, discussing in the districts about new forms of the constitution, organizing common food distributions and disinfecting during Corona together the public transportation, whose price increase they prevented, so that the comrades who rely on it do not get infected. This revolt is not only negation but the construction of a new life, a life in which people can live in dignity!

Brand: Fire & Flames

Material: 100% cotton at 280g / m²

Shirt: black sweatshirt, round neck collar

Printing: four-color screen printing

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