Afterhour instead of rush hour!


No less than 5 clubs in Berlin should make way for the expansion of the A100. For cars. 2023.
Not only are freeways a symbolic and practical expression of a climate catastrophe that is sure to get worse, they are also a clear reflection of an unsolidary, displacing and ignorant urban policy. By forcing the expansion of highways throughout Germany, the federal government has made one thing clear: social, solidarity-based and ecological solutions to the upcoming problems caused by climate change are completely up its ass. This is combined with a hostile to life, (post-)colonial and patriarchal urban planning. Only a technocratic solution seems possible in this logic – a solution that maintains the 'standard of living' of a few and ruins the quality of life for all.

Sticking on streets is a small intervention that disturbs this murderous everyday life – and that is enough to be counted as a 'criminal organization' today. With all criticism of the LG, nevertheless solidarity greetings!

Also in the face of such repression the question remains, why one does not intervene more efficiently and for the acting safer in the everyday life...

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A direct form of intervention was the occupation of the Wuhlheide. We were very happy and wish for more of it.

Whether the ://about blank eventually turns into Lützeblank, the other clubs follow suit, or are reoccupied by activists after the 'voluntary' move ... we would like to see a different solution – the immediate halt of all highway construction – but that will never happen without pressure from below. But a Zone A Défendre with some clubs, cultural centers and self-managed housing in the middle sounds like something worth defending.

But all this will not work by appealing to politics, but by standing together in a variety of tactics! Or as the blank puts it: "in this sense, we are in solidarity with all those who are trying to lower or shut down the combustion-motorized conditions, no matter whether with second glue, airstream, instrument box or the right mixed drink."

Culture & forest - instead of asphalt.

Solidarity greetings,
the bm-crew

p.s.: FREE LINA!