Here is a brief report on the pandemic from our view. Since the situation is confusing, we will update the blog regularly as soon as there is something new.

For political assessments and further links we recommend crimethinc.com

We have taken precautions and are working on contingency plans, but are currently continuing to work (almost) normally. Of course, we do so by collective agreement and only voluntarily - and with as much distance as possible. 


Furthermore, we are now working in two isolated shifts, which takes some getting used to and requires a lot of adjustment, but hopefully this should not be noticeable to you. Be a little bit patient though, if something runs less smooth than normal.

Shipping & delivery time
Parcel shipping to destinations outside Germany still works. However, there are restricted areas in Austria and Italy (You can find a list here. Delivery to the USA, to Australia and New Zealand is currently not possible, we will ship your orders directly when it is possible again. To France we can only send small packages and long delivery times have to be expected.

Package receipt
From 18.03. DPD will only deliver parcels without contact.
You can find all DPD information about receiving parcels here.

Take care of yourself & show solidarity
your bm-crew


24.04.2020 15:09