Les Années folles

As nonsensical and silly as such comparisons are - there will probably be some crazy years ahead of us. Indeed, some social and ecological conflicts will reach crucial points - and it is up to all of us to decide in which direction it will go. In any case, we will continue to do everything we can to support good lives for all culturally, materially and ideologically.

2019 was an eventful year for us - as it was for most of us - both politically and internally.

We had to say goodbye to our office dog Lori here in the office (a longer obituary remained internal so far); we started our label Black Mojito and participated in first soli parties (unforgotten among others the Hard-Tekk Hut im Blank) and finally released our first record; due to the surprising departure of our tax advisor some of us were helpless in front of a big mountain of bureaucracy and had to put a lot of time and nerves into the paperwork and the search for the A38 permit; in the collective some people left, others joined, often things went smoothly, sometimes more complicated; a nasty virus made December hard for us; we met many old and new friends* and learned a lot.

Beyond the edge of our noses we unfortunately had to accept the loss of a friend; others ended up behind bars; political opponents rather destroyed themselves than the enemy; fascism formed and showed its terrible grimace in Halle or Rojava; worldwide there were also signs of hope and we were also more on the streets; in Flensburg a house was occupied in front of our door and the Free Radio Fratz is finally going on air here; we could collect several thousand Euros for house projects, sea rescue, Rojava and antifascist projects and we have to realize so slowly that we urgently need a bigger office.

We hope that the positive tendencies of 2019 will continue and that we have learned enough from the difficult episodes to be able to face the recurring problems stronger.


Another End of the World is Possible,
your bm-crew