Redistribution now!




in our last post we wrote about our precarious financial situation – and you responded to it in solidarity! :)

From positive feedback, to soli-actions and donations and of course solidarity orders, everything was there and we were touched a time or two. Unfortunately the situation is not good yet, but at least we are making some progress.

We are also putting a lot of work into it, revising the assortment, clearing out old things (also an advantage for you: this way we can offer some things at a reasonable price despite the general price increase...

We were also happy about actions like the one of the Anarchist Group Lübeck, who simply bought ten 10-Euro-vouchers to raffle them off. Even though we sometimes find such participatory actions a bit unlucky, we were very happy about some of the comments. In particular, we thought it was cool that many people emphasised that they like how undogmatic and solidary we are with the information material we send out. Otherwise, there is simply not much feedback on this. It's nice that our attitude is seen there.

We don't want to name some of the other stuff here (no names, no structures!) - but you know who you are. Thanks <3


It was just a pity that some structures remained silent, their solidarity-stuff was just gathering dust here and they never got in touch since. I guess we'll have to be a bit stricter in the future when it comes to new entries... but that's probably more of a general problem of left/anarchist structures: their unreliability and inconsistency.

From our blogpost, the paragraph on 'Class War Time' was also picked up several times. We were pleased about that!

As a first reaction, we have set up a topic page on this. We are happy to receive suggestions of all kinds and also motifs for printing to give the whole thing a bit more steam: get in touch.

The theme page is still 'work under construction', but will hopefully gain more momentum in the near future... and maybe it will become something like our Antifa page, a part of our digital info shop.


Because one thing is clear: rising prices, rents and energy costs will hit us all more and more in the near future and make life difficult for us.

Let's not wait for an angry winter – the crisis is now! Let the rich pay!


Your bm-crew