Solidary against the this society of shit!



everything is getting more expensive – many of you will already notice that in one way or another.

Fortunately, many of us – either as a political project or as a subcultural circle of friends – have networks based on mutual help and solidarity. House projects, communes, friendships with the common consciousness that it is better and nicer to survive collectively and self-organized in and against this society – and with a bit of luck, the utopia of tomorrow can already be demonstrated a bit, from which others can be infected.

The practices developed in the process are also increasingly adopted by neoliberal market mechanisms – but they are still a way many of us get through crises relatively well. And besides variants with shared resources, dumbsterdived food, solidary redistribution among each other, there are skills that some have that cannot be taken over. In any case, it is the time to further expand such solidarity networks, to connect and to spread them further!

Also and especially in the confrontation with the boss or the office, we should act in solidarity, together and collectively – be it through unions or with the affinity group.

On other topics, anarchist and left theory and practice – e.g. in the field of carework, rent & housing – actually has a fund of answers... so actually a lot to offer for the coming struggles for rising prices. It is now 'only' necessary to go on the offensive.

But now to our part: as we wrote already the other day, also with us everything becomes more expensive and we have to adpat with our calculation.

Now the time has come: we had to increase the postage. After many years of constant postage, it simply does not cover our costs anymore. However, the postage has also become cheaper for you. We have thought about a system, where the store always suggests the cheapest possible variant, which is sometimes just too little for us. We want to compensate this with the fact that you can also choose a more expensive variant and thus enables us to continue to offer the cheaper variants for people without much money. This way we hope to compensate a little bit for the rising costs in solidarity.

The whole thing is designed in such a way that we check against it and clearly do not make a profit with the postage. We are curious if this experiment will work out!

Solidary greetings
your bm crew

Capitalism isn’t just what happens at work. We can also resist in the rest of our daily lives—defending our neighborhoods against gentrification, occupying foreclosed homes, draining our creditors to the limit and declaring bankruptcy. Collective forms of resistance can be more difficult in consumption than production, but they’re possible: take over spaces and use them for public events, go to an expensive affair en masse and force your way in without paying, go to the grocery store and do the same thing on the way out. The more our livelihoods depend on resistance rather than submission, the more fiercely we’ll fight.

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